What Does a Pharmacy Technician Do?

One of the fastest growing occupations in the field of healthcare, the job of a pharmacy technician is now considered to be an excellent employment opportunity for anyone who is interested in pharmacological work and health.

Where Pharmacy Technicians Work

While most pharmacy technicians work in drug stores, such as CVS and Walgreens in the U.S., technicians who may also work in the customer service field for drug companies or utilize their skills in hospital pharmacies. Pharmacy technicians who work in the field for a while can obtain supervisory positions in institutional pharmacies.

Pharmacy technicians may also work in warehouse facilities fulfilling orders for large drug companies or answer calls and take orders for prescriptions over the telephone. However, when it comes to answering definitive questions about drug usage or its effects, those specific questions should be referred to a pharmacist.

A Typical Day in the Life of a Pharmacy Technician

A typical day in the life of a pharmacy technician may include the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Receiving requests for prescriptions by phone, over the computer or in writing;
  • Confirming prescription requests;
  • Maintaining the profiles of patients;
  • Answering telephone calls;
  • Filling prescriptions and labeling the bottles.

Preferred Qualifications for the Job

While some drug stores provide on-the-job training for pharmacy technicians, many employers prefer that a job candidate have formalized training through a pharmacy tech educational program as well as hold a CPhT designation, or be certified.

Overall Duties

A pharmacy tech’s basic skillset then involves preparing medications under the direct supervision of a pharmacist. Preparing the medications entails mixing medicines, counting out pills, labeling bottles and recording the medication data in relation to the prescription requests. Pharmacy techs today also need to be familiar with prescription filling software and pharmacy billing technologies.

Better Job Opportunities – What You Need to Do

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician then, it is not necessary to obtain a degree. However, online training or taking a pharmacy tech educational program is advised for success in the industry. You can obtain further information about pharmacy tech training by reviewing online programs that offer the education. Most certificate training programs take about ten months to complete and are featured online. You can also obtain educational opportunities at brick-and-mortar schools. Students who attend classes in these facilities often have access to real-world laboratories or internships at local pharmacies. Taking a formalized training program is advised as it adds to your confidence on the job.

Is lasik covered by insurance?

Does Vision Insurance Cover the Costs of LASIK Surgery?

One concern that many people have about undergoing LASIK surgery is its cost. This surgery, which is also referred to as refractive surgery, is considered to be cosmetic surgery and medically unnecessary, so most vision insurance plans do not cover it. However, there are some insurance companies that provide benefits in the form of discounts on procedures like LASIK surgery.

Insurance Coverage Exceptions

While it is rare, there are insurance companies that will cover LASIK surgery for people with disabilities or who have sustained injuries to their eyes and can benefit from refractive surgery. LASIK procedures may be eligible for coverage for people who:

  • Cannot wear gears due to disability or injury.
  • Have refractive errors that were the result of an injury.
  • Need corrective LASIK surgery due to previous eye surgeries.
  • Need corrective surgery for severe refractive errors.

If you have any of these problems, you need to discuss possible coverage exceptions with your vision insurance plan.

LASIK Surgery Procedure Quotes

Over the years, the cost of LASIK surgery has decreased so more people can afford to pay for it out of pocket. While the surgery is still cost prohibitive for many people, for others the cost for the procedure is well worth it if they don’t have to wear glasses.

The costs for LASIK procedures can be difficult to find online as most places that perform these surgeries want to speak to you before revealing their price. It is important to remember the cost of a LASIK procedure is based on one eye. When you see a quoted price, the price will be for surgery on only one of your eyes.

The costs for refractive surgery averages about $2,100 per eye, depending on which surgical option is performed. There are different procedures for refractive surgery, including LASIK, PRK or LASEK. The difference between them depends on which surgical instruments are used for the procedure.

Help with Paying for LASIK Surgery

Even though insurance does not cover the costs for LASIK procedures, most practices performing this surgery offer financing options to cover the costs of it. The patient has to apply for financing, just as they would for a credit card or a loan. Their credit history will help determine the outcome of their application.

Although most insurance plans do not cover LASIK procedures, they may offer discounts on them. Contact your vision insurance plan to check on possible coverage.

Career Training and Education


When you have a career objective at the top of the priority list, the following step is to determine your education and training needs. What are the occupation’s training prerequisites? Do you have the fundamental abilities and preparing? Which alternatives will you use to pick up the abilities you require?

What do particular occupations require?

Utilize the Occupation Profile to determine occupation prerequisites. Look at authorized occupations to check whether your craved calling (specialist, attorney, medical caretaker, and so on.) obliges you to be authorized. See whether your craved occupation (money related consultant, nursing partner, open bookkeeper, land appraiser, and so forth.) obliges a certificate.

What aptitudes do businesses need?

Take the time to focus on your classes and training projects to help you pick up the skills you have to land an occupation. Converse with a school or training system career advisor. Approach them about situation rates for graduates. Converse with the greatest number of superintendents and representatives as you can to look into popular skills. Look at occupation postings for employments in your field of interest and see what abilities businesses are searching for.

Don’t have a secondary school certificate/diploma?

careerplanIn the event that you didn’t graduate secondary school, the General Educational Development Test may satisfy that school passageway prerequisite. Take in more about the GED and place a GED testing center.

Don’t have a profession objective as a top priority?

You need the best profit for your training/education venture. Provided you are as yet settling on a career, here are a few inquiries and choices to consider. What are the high-development commercial ventures? What are the quickest developing occupations? What are the occupations with the biggest work? What are the most elevated paying occupations?

It is never too soon or past the point where it is possible to consider your profession. Understudies in High School are urged to investigate their choices and examination profession ways as indicated by their premiums. A few students consider their capacities and qualities and search for a field that will help their inborn capacities. Numerous pick careers focused around their salary gaining potential.

In an intense economy, it is more crucial now to pick a profession with potential to develop. How would you pick a career and where do you begin. This site is proposed to help High School students get ready rules and make sense of where to begin when planning a profession.

At most meetings or interviews potential employers will ask you “What are your qualities and shortcomings?” If you think about it, this inquiry is more important for individuals being asked than for businesses that are keen on seeing whether they have right candidate for the employment. Training Planner is an extraordinary site to investigate for individuals who are pondering their future professions. Specifically, the site offers an agenda that will help you limit down your choice on a profession you ought to follow.

school to career_0Job trends, acquiring potential and employment opportunities are not generally an enthusiasm to the individuals who are searching for a career or a profession change. Some individuals will search for a change and will choose go to class to obtain extra skills and training expected to improve work and take after another career. The rundown of top quickest developing occupations focused around the accompanying information collection:

– Employment is the number of jobs in this occupation.

– Percent change is the normal occupation development for this occupation.

– Earnings symbols show average wages for that occupation.

– Typical Education is the level of training that most workers need to enter the occupation.

The mission of Amfog is to satisfy the expert and instructive needs of development oriented people who are readied to change their professions and lives for the better by offering career programs in fields that offer high employment potential. A steady staff and an inventive workforce are interested in helping every individual achieve their objectives. Representatives will talk about the projects of study, including the candidate’s individual inspiration and potential, for achievement in training and consequent employment…